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BAND: Vulvectomy

FROM: Rome, Italy

LABEL:  Sevared Records





Mario Di Giambattista (Guitar) 

Marco Coghe (Drums) 

Diego Fanelli (Vocals) 

Giorgio Cavaliere (Bass)

PLAYING CDF 7 ON: Saturday July 30th 2022



VULVECTOMY is a Brutal/Slam Death Metal band from Italy and took life in January of 2007 by the will of Diego Fanelli, vocalist of

STENCH OF DISMEMBERMENT, with the intent to create a project devoted to play the most vicious fucking brutal slam possible, mainly influenced by acts like Devourment, Inhuman Dissiliency, Cephalotripsy etc. The degenerative process was transmitted from Diego (vox) to Mario Di Giambattista (guitar) of COPROPHILIAC from Rome who joined the band in May of 2007; they were still in search of a drummer to complete the line up. Some drummers were tried out, but the two members decided to move forawrd with a drum machine until a live drummer could be found.

In June 2007 another member joined the band, Marco Diciolla (bass), from ENGORGEMENT IN VEINS. With this line up the band recorded it's first promo cd "SYPHILIC DISMEMBERD SLUT". The song-writing was very hard during the last months of the year so the band was unleashed in September with 7 new tracks! During October the band entered the Jolly Roger Studio in Casamassima (Bari) to record the first full-length studio album. After two weeks of recording the first album "PUTRESCENT CLITORAL FERMENTATION" was done and in November they signed with AMPUTATED VEIN RECORDS from Japan who released the album in December 2008. In the spring of 2009 Marco left the band for personal reasons and Giorgio Cavaliere from DEADLYSTRAIN took his place as bass player. With this line-up we are playing live and writing new songs for the upcoming album that will be out in September 2009 under Sevared Records label.

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