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BAND: Virulent Excision

FROM: Chicago, Illinois

LABEL:  Brutal Mind





Miguel GoreGrinder Medina (Vocals) 

Angel Hernandez (Guitar)

Nick Ayala (Guitar) 

Nicholas Bradshaw (Drums)

Zack Rupp (Bass) 


PLAYING CDF 7 ON:  Thursday July 28th 2022



Formed in late 2018 by Miguel promoter of CDF and joined by Nick Ayala formly of Bad Blood with the singular goal of establishing a crushing high energy blend of newer style slamming brutal death metal mixed with the old school vibes of bands like Suffocation,

Internal Bleeding, Dying Fetus and many others.

The pair were then joined by guitarist Mikey Diaz, a few months were then spent slowly building up the first song ideas. In the summer of 2019 Angel Hernandez from Cannibal Abortion joined as the second guitarist while Mikey was sidelined with a hand injury writing continued and preparations were made to play CDF 666 as a 3 piece band. A few lineup changes led to the departure of Mikey after the release of the debut EP "Drug-Induced Psychosis" 

2021 then saw the release of sick 4 way split "Heinous Interstellar Malformations" also featuring Gravitational Distortion, Facelift Deformation and Gerogot. Currently the band is finalizing recording for yet another even more massive split CD which is due out in summer 2022.  

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