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BAND: Stabbing

FROM: Houston, Texas

LABEL:  Comatose Music




 Marvin Ruiz (Guitar) 

Meryl Martinez (Bass)

Rene Martinez (Drums) 

Bridget Lynch (Vocals) 


PLAYING CDF 7 ON:  Friday July 29th 2022



Relatively new Stabbing emerged from the TXDM scene seemingly out of nowhere and took the death metal scene by storm immediately leaving a lasting impression as one of, if not the most brutal bands to ever come from Texas let alone the US as a whole. Started by Guitarist Marvin Ruiz (Nephilm Grinder) and Rene Martinez (Flesh Hoarder) one of the unique elements of the band is that the other members Meryl Martinez and Bridget Lynch also happen to be the girlfriend and wife of the other members respectively. They certainly wasted no time and quickly released the debut EP "Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught" via Comatose Music to rave reviews and are currently hard at work on the debut Full Length. Barely one year in their existence and they are already on national tours with the likes Decrepit Birth, Unmerciful and Pathology. Definitely a band that is poised for great success they absolutely on fire as they blaze a path of brutality into 2022 and beyond.     

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