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Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement Promo Pic
SCE copy.png

*First Ever Live Show*

BAND: Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement

FROM: Gastonia, North Carolina

LABEL:  Sevared Records




Jordan Varela (Drums) 

 Ryan West Coulter (Guitar) 

Jay Barnes (Vocals) 

Phil Good  (Bass)

PLAYING CDF 7 ON:  Saturday July 30th 2022


SCE was formed in 2005 by Jordan Varela and Jay Barnes both of Lust of Decay.  Jordan’s ambition was to push his drumming more in an endurance realm versus the chaotic cadences of LOD.  He also wanted to man the guitars/bass and wrote in the mode of everything sounding like Deicide, Sanctification, meets Aeon style.  Granted SCI never claimed to be as good or brutal as these bands but were very influenced by their dynamics and structures.  Jay and Jordan wanted a totally different style of lyrical structure as well as the concepts.  Hence the Samurai war inspired lyrics and the Samurai art.  They did this in the hopes of creating something unique with the ambition of giving the listener the nostalgia of the bands they are influenced by.  2 albums were produced and then the project was pretty much finished.  Once Lust of Decay started back Jordan and Jay were motivated to create a third album which is in the works as this bio is typed.  This album is truly striving to hit Deicide Legion meets Stench of Redemption era.  The band truly takes great pride in sounding like Deicide and makes no secrets about it.  SCE is not reinventing the wheel, they just want to crush the listener with brutality, well orchestrated riffs and hooks. 

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