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BAND: Putrid Womb

FROM: Houston, Texas

LABEL: Brutal Mind





Conrad Heinemeyer (Vocals) 

Jack Bobbitt (Guitar) 

TJ Mundy (Drums) 

Garrett Rocchi (Bass)


PLAYING CDF 7 ON:  Friday July 29th 2022


Putrid Womb made their humble beginning in 2015 when four friends in the same small town just north of Houston decided to join forces. In 2016 Putrid Womb recorded two demo tracks and released them digitally, giving listeners a taste of their groove laden brand of brutal death metal. During that time they began playing shows in and around the Houston area, building themselves a following of loyal fans close to home. In 2017 they released their well received debut album “Propensity For Violence” with London based label Rotten Music. By then they were playing shows all over Texas, and in 2018 they made their first appearance outside of their home state at Las Vegas Death Fest. In 2019 they set out on their first ever tour where they demolished European stages alongside Colpocleisis and 7 H. Target. Shorty after their return from the successful tour they released their first EP “Slam Induced Priapism” again with Rotten Music, which showcased their current lineup and gave listeners a taste of the carnage to come.

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