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BAND: Mortal Decay

FROM: Audubon, New Jersey

LABEL:  Comatose Music




Anthony Ipri (Drums) 

John Hartman (Guitar) 

Johnny Paoline (Vocals) 

Joe Gordon (Guitar)

PLAYING CDF 7 ON: Friday July 29th 2022


Formed in 1991, Mortal Decay began their murderous progression of brutality. Through the years of consistent song writing, demo/ studio album releases, touring, they would soon develop a sound all their own. This sound being an ever growing unique arsenal of brutality and technicality combined with influences both in and outside of brutal death metal. As the bands line up of vital players began to solidify, as did the creative writing energies fueled by these individual influences. Four determined masterminds of true crime, all with an undying focus to intensify musical and lyrical content would eventually trademark their infamy in the annals of modern death metal. As for now (2020), Mortal Decay in its original line-up are writing new music with plans to release a new full length album and are currently working out set-lists for upcoming performances in the very near future..​

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