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BAND: Necrotic Disgorgement

FROM: Columbus, Ohio

LABEL: Comatose Music




 Ben Deskins (Guitar/Vocals) 

Phil Good (Bass)

Paul Good (Drums) 

Jimmy Javins (Vocals)

Ravi Reddy (Guitar)


PLAYING CDF 7 ON:  Thursday July 28th 2022



Necrotic Disgorgement was formed in 2003 by Ben Deskins (guitar), Tony Tipton (guitar), and Jason Trecazzi (drums). Unable to find suitable musicians to complete the lineup, the band
recorded their debut album for Comatose Music, “Suffocated In Shrinkwrap,” as a 3 piece with Ben handling vocal duties and Tony handling bass duties.
After trying other musicians for short periods the band were joined by vocalist Jimmy Javins in 2010 and bassist Phil Good in 2012 and recorded their 2nd album for Comatose Music
“Documentaries Of Dementia.” In 2014 Tony Tipton left the band and was replaced by Ravi Reddy and in 2015 Jason Trecazzi left the band and was replaced by Paul Good.

At the present time Necrotic Disgorgement is nearing completion of the writing process for their 3rd full length album and will be entering the studio soon to begin recording. The newer material will draw from elements of both previous albums with a heavy emphasis on total unrestrained brutality. Expect a pummeling onslaught musical barbarity..

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