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Frequently Asked Questions


This area focuses on a few often asked questions regarding the CDF Please check these out before contacting us. More questions and answers will be made availble soon to address other common inquries.

Where can I purchase tickets?


Tickets will be available for pre-sale directly through this website beginning April 15th 2022. You will be able to click the TICKETS tab in the menu above and be taken directly to where all of our ticket options will be available for purchase on our online store. As always should you prefer to you can also pay directly at the door for your one, two or three day passes the day of show. Although beware by waiting not only would you miss out on any early bird price specials but typically as in year's past tickets will be more expensive if you choose to wait and pay at the door the day of the show. You would also be potentially running the risk of tickets being sold out by that time. So in all honesty ordering in advance online is definitely the best way to go.  

Can my band play CDF 7?


While we at CDF would love to invite every band that requests to play each year to come play our fest it's just not possible with the sheer amount of requests we get every year. Generally we already have a pretty solid idea of who will be on the lineup long before announcements are even made however we still highly encourage you to share a link to your band's music with us via the CONTACT option on this website or directly to our email at the very least we will check it out when we have time. If we like what we hear and happen to have an available slot WE WILL CONTACT YOU. Constant spamming of our inboxes and asking to play repeatedly is annoying and will only get you blocked. Also be aware we generally only book Brutal Death/Slam, Grind or Old School Death Metal Bands we are not interested in changing our format or the style of bands that we feature on this fest.

Can I transfer my tickets if I cannot attend?

Yes! If you purchase a ticket/s online to CDF 7 and are unable to attend for any reason you do have the option to sell, gift or transfer them to someone else. We are not responsible for any financial or other agreements made between yourself and the recipient. Once an agreement has been reached by both parties you can contact us via email to update the name on the ticket and we will take care of that immediately. Please note all CDF ticket sales are 100% final and under no circumstances will be refunded with the exception of a complete event cancellation.

What is the closest Airport to the venue?


The Venue BRAUERHOUSE is located closest to O'Hare International Airport. It's about a 25-30 min drive from the airport but a bit easier to navigate in/out of versus using Midway airport. 

Do you offer any Press Passes?


Short Answer is No. Anyone officially chosen to take pictures and/or video on our behalf is already contracted to do so.  Despite this you ARE allowed and encouraged to bring your own camera to capture your own memories to share online or keep for private use. Anyone looking to do interviews with bands or CDF staff for their blog, website or youtube channel must contact us via email at 

Is Re-Entry at the Venue Allowed?


Short answer is.. We are currently working on some type of re-entry policy with the venue as it not something they typically allow. We're well aware that all 3 days can feel like a pretty long time to be trapped inside without re-entry or opportunities to get food or drop off merch in your car or hotel. If you are able to go somewhere during the show and come back you maybe subject to be searched upon re-entry. It should go without saying but absolutely no outside alcohol is allowed in the venue.

Is Hardcore Dancing really banned at CDF?

All we will say about this topic is this.. Grow the fuck up nobody comes to this show to get needlessly whacked in the face or head with a rouge elbow or stupid spin kick this isn't karate class.  We would like everyone to have a good time enjoying the bands crush on stage and moshing is definitely encouraged during which sometimes accidents will happen but throwing intentional punches, elbows, kicks and/or crowd killing will definitely not be tolerated and will assuredly result in you getting kicked out for being a dumbass so don't do it..

end of story.   

I'm driving to the show where can I park my car?

Thankfully one of awesome features about B-house is that they have HUGE parking lot on site that can accommodate hundreds of cars as it is part a shopping center no finally this year there should be no problems with parking.

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