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The sixth annual edition of CDF looked to scale back a tiny bit while still maintaining the same over the top amount of brutality possible. Now a well oiled machine that is widely recognized throughout the world it has truly cemented itself as the go to death fest in the United States.   

It took place on Thursday August 8th

Friday August 9th & Saturday 10th 2019

The lineup included:

-Decrepit Birth (California) *Headliner

-Devourment (Texas) *Headliner

-Narcotic Wasteland (Carolinas) * Headliner

-Despondency (Germany)

-Internal Bleeding (New York)

-Malignancy (New York)

-Pathology (California)

-Cerebral Effusion (Spain)

-Mortal Torment (Greece)

-Unmerciful (Kansas)

-Indecent Exision (Italy)

-Lividity (Illinois)

-Molested Divinity (Turkey)

-Emblugeonment (New Jersey)

-Shawn Whitaker (Texas)

-Holy Cost (Canada)

-Dysentery (Massachusetts)

-Torn The Fuck Apart (Kansas)

-Vomit Forth (Connecticut)

-Limbsplitter (Ohio)

-Gorgatron (North Dakota)

-Meat Hook (Arizona)

-Depulsed (Nevada)

-Virulent Excision (Illinois)

-Atoll (Arizona)

-Defiled Crypt (Texas)

-Reviled (Texas)

-Implements of Hell (Nevada)

-Necrosadist (Kentucky)

-Hate Icon (Ohio)

-Maggot Factory (Illinois)

-Bad Blood (Illinois)

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