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The success of CDF 3 under our belts we we're pondering how to further expand and make the fest even bigger. There was no question it was time to invite some international bands and also switch to 3 day 32 band format adding 10 additional slots to the previous year's 22.  


It took place on: Thursday July 27th,

Friday July 28th & Saturday July 29th 2017

The lineup included:


-Gruesome (Florida) Day 3 Headliner

-Mortal Decay (New Jersey) Day 2 Headliner

-Diabolic (Florida) Day 1 Headliner

-Putridity (Italy)

-Guttural Secrete (Nevada)

-Nader Sadek (Egypt/US)

-Cephalotripsy (California)

-Indecent Excision (Italy) *Cancelled

-Goratory (Massachusetts)

-Sarcophagy (Indiana)

-Cesspool of Vermin (South Carolina)

-Party Cannon (Scotland)

-Crepitation (United Kingdom)

-Necrotic Disgorgement (Ohio)

-Torturous Inception (New York)

-Incinerate (Minnesota)

-Parastic Ejaculation (California)

-Delusional Parasitosis (Michigan)

-Maggot Twat (Illinois)

-Desecrate the Faith (Texas)

-Rotting Obscene (North Carolina)

-Sexual Atrocities (Wisconsin)

-Cordyceps (Nevada)

-Human Infection (North Carolina)

-Coathanger Abortion (Ohio)

-Forged in Gore (Ohio)

-Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy (Indiana)

-Fetal Disgorge (Arizona)

-Asphyxiator (Illinois) 

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