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CDF 3 is where things took an interesting turn. Despite logistical issues with the venue situation at the time. We found a brand new place just blocks outside of Chicago city limits in Berwyn, IL called Wire to host the 3rd edition of the fest. It was a big move and that also included doubling the down on the previous year's output. Switching to a 22 band two day format. This year also included the long awaited return of Brodequin and big selection of best brutal death metal bands from around the US. CDF 3 had firmly established itself as one of the top destination underground festivals in the country.


It took place on Friday July 29th &

Saturday July 30th 2016

The lineup included:


-Brodequin (Tennessee) Day 1Headliner

-Kill Everything (Texas) Day 2 Headliner

-Lividity (Illinois)

-Malignancy (New York)

-Dehumanized (New York) *Cancelled

-Inherit Disease (California)

-Visceral Disgorge (Maryland)

-Gorgasm (Indiana)

-Lust of Decay (North Carolina)

-Deteriorot (New Jersey)

-Cerebral Incubation (Nevada)

-Rottenness (Mexico/US)

-Dysentery (Massachusetts)

-Extremely Rotten (Colorado)

-Abhorrent Deformity (North Carolina)

-Limbsplitter (Ohio)

-Elbow Deep (Illinois)

-Kataplexy (Illinois)

-SikFuk (Wisconsin)

-Mass Murder Messiah (Wisconsin)

-Towering Abomination (Wisconsin)

-Asphyxiator (Illinois) 

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