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Hot off the heels of a successful outing with the first year of CDF plans quickly came together for a second expanded edition featuring 11 bands still in a single day format in 2015. This time a new venue was picked in the slightly ambitious Abbey Pub located on the northwest side of Chicago. Although the fest had some growing pains in 2015 it was a very pivotal year for the emerging fest trying to mark its place on map and continue to build a loyal fan base in the national festival scene. Pulling in the legendary Necrophagia recognized as one of the very first death metal bands to headline the fest was a landmark move that definitely turned some heads. 


It took place on

Saturday June 20th 2015

The lineup included:


-Necrophagia (Ohio) Headliner

-Immortal Suffering (New York)

-Waco Jesus (Illinois)

-Ton (Ohio)

-Disinter (Illinois)

-Putrid Pile (Wisconsin)

-Gutrot (Michigan)

-Against the Plagues (Illinois)

-Reek of Blood (Michigan)

-Created to Kill (Kentucky)

-Asphyxiator (Illinois) 

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