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BAND: Astyanax

FROM: Fort Worth, Texas

LABEL:  Sound of White Noise Records





Andrew Huff (Vocals)

 Marco Reyes (Guitar)

Jacob Marshall (Guitar) 

Josh Gregrich (Bass)

Colby Rodgers (Drums) 


PLAYING CDF 7 ON:  Saturday July 30th 2022


ASTYANAX, are  five musicians united by a genuine love for heavy, groovy death metal. Blending a deep-rooted foundation in the “old school”, with influence from contemporary brutal death metal, they aim to create a uniquely gory atmosphere both on record and on stage. The music and lyrical themes come together to paint macabre depictions of insane violence and brutality the likes of which are found on their debut full length album "Embalmed With Afterbirth". Energy and brutality are the staples of their live shows, where mosh pits are commonplace, and no one wakes up the next day without a neck ache. They want to bring this high energy performance to the masses and will do whatever is necessary to accomplish that without compromising their vision. 

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