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BAND: Architectural Genocide

FROM: Houston, Texas

LABEL: Comatose Music





Tom Savage (Guitar) 

Nat Conner (Drums) 

Daniel Brockway (Vocals) 

Matt Day (Bass)


PLAYING CDF 7 ON: Thursday July 28th 2022



From the infamous, incendiary killing fields of Texas, a state that seethes with some of the most brutal death metal on the planet, come Architectural Genocide. In 2018, the band released a demo, featuring the sickening duo 'Force Fed Fecal Matter' and 'Void of Atrocity' - a vicious one-two of brute force and evil intent. It was more than enough to persuade Comatose Music to invest in the band. Shortly after the demo crawled from the Texas sewers, the band tapped into previously unimagined reserves of pulverizing violence and developed a simply shocking relentlessness and intensity of focus. With this, they’ve brought to life an immense being of concentrated chaos in the form of a full length release, Cordyceptic Anthropomorph. With ruthless determination and ambition, Architectural Genocide plans to lather the world with their devastatingly grotesque expression. Prepare for the abolishment of human existence; Architectural Genocide draws near!

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