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BAND: Amputated Genitals

FROM: Bogota, Colombia

LABEL:  Sevared Records





Daniel Paz (Guitar) 

 James Shuster (Vocals) 

Justin Downs (Bass)

Eddy Hoffman (Drums) 


PLAYING CDF 7 ON:  Saturday July 30th 2022



In 2003, Amputated Genitals was born in Bogotá Colombia with a clear  musical direction by founder Daniel Paz, taking death metal to the extreme under the guidance of some of the top bands in the genre that were releasing ultra sick albums at the time. Since its inception with the help of Alberto “Beto” Martínez on drums and Sebastián G on vocals, the band sought to build a balance between unrelenting speed and savage brutality while still interlacing some groove into the composition of their music.


The first full-length of the band was released in 2003 under the Colombian label Gore And Blood Productions, "Human Meat Gluttony" which put the band in a very good position both nationally and internationally, having received good reviews around the world, and thus establishing the band as one of the representatives of the country within this genre. Four years later came the release of the second full-length "Family Bloodbath" (2009), which in turn was accompanied by a new tour to Venezuela and opened the doors to new possibilities regarding the promotion of the band with gigs in new countries, as happened in 2012 with the visit to Mexico, and this time with a new member in charge of vocals, Ángel Ochoa, who has played in bands like Cephalotripsy and Condemned, By 2014, The band's first North American tour took place, with 24 dates Amputated Genitals played at festivals such as New York Death Fest (NYDF), Las Vegas Death Fest (LVDF) and New Jersey Death Fest (NJDF), in addition to a series of cities amid the performances at the aforementioned festivals. 

It took a few years for a new album to see the light of day, Released by Sevared Records "Origin of Murder" (2019) was recorded at the famous "Full Force Studios" in New York, and with some new faces in the lineup including James Shuster from Delusional Parasitosis on vocals and Justin Downs from  Vituperate on bass. Despite the lineup changes it can be said that the band had maintained its aggressive blasting yet groovy style but the lyrics are now inclined to include more pre-Hispanic themes with certain fictional threads about what it would have been like during the discovery of the new world against a potential victory of the Native Americans.

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