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Miguel "Goregrinder" Medina


Having started my booking journey in early 2004 I have slowly worked my way up the ranks as a staple promoter of the underground death metal scene of Chicago. The first fest under my name being the Chicago Metal Devastation Fest which ran 4 editions from 2005-2008. Shortly after that I tried my hand at a small scale outdoor DIY fest which didn't fair too well with the Barnyard Brutality Fest in 2009 so I went back to the drawing board and remained dormant for a couple of years.  

I then scaled back and reduced the amount of shows per year while still running a very succesful yearly birthday party show through 8 of the last 10 years. In 2014 I made a triumphant return back to the fest scene with the newly minted and successful start of the Chicago Domination Fest. With 6 years of CDF now currently under my belt I am now ready to bring the 7th edition in 2020. Having a grand total of fifteen year's booking/promoting expierience my ultimate goal is to continue the exponential growth of CDF for many year's to come and elevate it to a world class extreme metal event likes of which are generally only seen overseas..

Do you prefer to contact me privately? You can do that below...  

Miguel "Goregrinder" Medina

Chicago Domination Fest Owner, 
Creator, Booking Agent & Talent Buyer

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