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BAND: Abolishment of Flesh

FROM: Amarillo. Texas

LABEL:  Bloodblast Distribution




Ramon Cazares (Drums) 

Jake Lahniers (Bass/ Vocals) 

Miles Ellegood (Guitar) 

Izaak Chavez (Guitar)

PLAYING CDF 7 ON:  Thursday July 28th 2022



Hailing from Texas, Abolishment of Flesh was formed in 2006 by founding member Ramon Cazares. AOFs first official show was in 2007. Shortly after the release of their first self-titled demo the band began hitting the road performing non-stop, releasing new music and witnessing the growth of their audience and fans.

ABOLISHMENT OF FLESH embarked on their first US campaign in 2011 on the BRUTAL ALLIANCE TOUR. With the hard work promoting their music the band began to get attention all over the US which resulted in more fans and several invitations to shows and festivals. The tour spanned from Texas and towards the west coast.

In 2013 the band once again hit the road on the Brutal Alliance Tour which now has grown into a full 5 week long tour throughout the summer nationwide.  They continued throughout 2013 with their non-stop touring schedule including stops across the west coast, mid-west and the east coast at several metal festivals and shows. The year ended with the completion of AOF’s second full-length album titled “Creation to Extinction”.  They had a busy touring schedule throughout 2014 in support of the new release. Creation to Extinction was only available on tour and is no longer in print. This same year, AOF signed with band management company Extreme Management Group and have been working with the company ever since. At this time, AOF recruited Izaak Chavez as their fulltime guitarist.

2014 was a difficult year due to Ramon's son being diagnosed with a brain tumor and having to undergo chemo and radiation treatment for the next couple of years. The band was able to do one final tour before going on a temporary hiatus on the "All Things Dead Tour" with Origin, Beyond Creation and King Parrot. 2 years later, in 2016 AOF hit the road once again with Origin on a Mexico tour.
Fast forward to 2018, AOF released "Inhuman Condition" on Unholy Anarchy Records. The album consists of several songs that were previously on the "Creation to Extinction" album that were re-recorded. The band set out on tour to promote their new release. A couple of years later the world faced a global pandemic bringing shows, tours and festivals to a complete hault. This gave the band time for creativity to write new music and work on future plans.

2021/2022, the band comes out with their newest release "In The Presence of Darkness" on Nuclear Blast/BloodBlast Distribution. Abolishment of Flesh will be on tour in April 2022 to promote their latest effort. AOF have a 2 release agreement with BloodBlast Distribution and plan to release a follow up ep late 2022/early 2023.

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